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Are you looking for TIFF files or do you need photos for printing or other materials? Then contact marketing@optima-cycles.nl. We will help you select the right formats and advise you on usage.

Please note that some photos have an expiry date due to the surrender of photographic rights. In doubt? Then get in touch too!

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Check out our new Coprate Identitiy for Dutch ID!

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Our mission

Our mission is for everyone to cycle with the best experience every day.

We believe that we encourage this with the use of our e-bikes. We make the unique Dutch ID frames for all our bikes in our own factory in Taiwan. Thanks in part to the rigid Dutch
ID frame, a Dutch ID e-bike offers the very best (riding) experience. We are proud of that!

You ride better on a Dutch ID because they are the right combination of design, comfort and quality.

POS Material (printable)

We temporarily have new point-of-sale material available for Dutch ID. Through the dealer webshop, you can order a Dutch ID insert folder. Below are files you can print out and put in the folder. This way you can give them to customers when they have tested a Dutch ID bike.

Invulformulier Dutch ID Fietstest Link

Formular zum Ausfüllen des Fahrradtests Link

Dutch ID Powermore NL Link

Dutch ID Powermore DE Link

Fietsen overzicht met specificaties Link

Fahrradübersicht mit Spezifikationen Link


Phantom render video (social and instore tv) – Download here

Phantom productphoto


Phantom Bidonhouder

Phantom Powermore





Infinity Render video Link

Infinity productphoto jpg




Download the Instagram story post Link


Flow productfoto’s



Social Media Format


Product foto

Product foto