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The perfect combination of style,safety and comfort

Go and stand wherever you want. With a cargo bike, you are free and independent. No traffic jams, no searching for parking spaces or lugging heavy bags. The electric motor provides the right support with a unique driving feeling. So you can transport your children or luggage through the hustle and bustle of the city, cycle together to a fun outing or move effortlessly through your daily routine.

The perfect combination
The Lovens Explorer is more than just another electric cargo bike. A Lovens offers you maximum protection for yourself and your precious cargo through reliable, low-maintenance components
of high quality. Lovens’ award-winning design gives you the feeling of freedom while stealing the show on the streets. Smart technologies such as suspension in the front fork and cable steering
ensure the very best comfort. Standing out from the crowd, explore your daily life in style!


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Download the Lovens Instore TV video.

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Perfect combination

Lovens Explorer: the perfect combination of style, safety and comfort

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LOVENS Leaflets (voor in de winkelpalen)

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Download hier de instructievideo van de Box Cover

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